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Grow Your JA Donation Up To 50% With Shaw

We are excited to have been chosen as one of the charities that will benefit from the Birdies For Kids program at the Shaw Charity Classic! This means that for every dollar you donate through the Birdies For Kids program, to Junior Achievement, they will match your donation UP TO 50%.


The Shaw Charity Classic aims to not only provide Calgary with a world-class professional sporting event accessible to families, but also to bring much needed dollars to local charities. In 2014, the Shaw Charity Classic hit it out of the park and gave the single largest charitable contribution in Champions Tour history by contributing $2.4 million to local children & youth charities.

In 2015, a new great opportunity to benefit children and youth is being introduced, called Birdies for Kids presented by AltaLink. Participating charities will receive 100% of every donation collected on their behalf with no fees, and will receive up to 50% in extra funding through our matching program.
How does it work?
Donors can either make a one-time flat donation or a pledge for each birdie made by Champions Tour players during the 2015 Shaw Charity Classic. Donations can be made up until Sunday August 9, 2015 at 11:59:59 PM MT.
What is a Birdie?
In golf, a ‘birdie’ is a score of one stroke better than ‘par’ for any golf hole on the course. ‘Par’ is the expected score of a golf professional on any given hole. For example, on a par 4, a score of 3 is a birdie. In 2013, there were 1,000 birdies at the Shaw Charity Classic, and in 2014 there were 892. We estimate 900 birdies will be made during the 2015 Shaw Charity Classic.
Matching Program
The most exciting part of the program comes together from various corporate supporters with AltaLink being the Founding Partner. Using the tiered matching structure below, every dollar raised by a charity will be matched up to 50%. Depending on the individual charity’s fundraising efforts, they will progress through the three tiers towards a maximum of $250,000 collected.