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Meet Glow! Young entrepreneurs killing the Mannequin Challenge

Glow Company Program Mannequin Challenge Winner Feature at district Ventures in Calgary Alberta

Top Salesperson and Company of the year competitions, are just a couple of the challenges Company Program offers students as they learn all about entrepreneurship and business. It can’t all be serious though, and this year 30 student teams faced-off with a Mannequin Challenge for a chance to be featured on our website.

Meet the JA Company Program Mannequin Challenge winners, GLOW! who filmed at their weekly meeting location provided by District Ventures. Visit the student’s company website and see what else they’re doing!

Our Interview With Glow

Glow Company Program Mannequin Challenge Winner Team Photo at District Ventures office in Calgary

A word that our company reflects is tenacity, shown by our perseverance in the face of obstacles as we steadily head towards our goal.

Tell us about your Company!

Our company, Glow, is committed to the creation of Paperlight, a beautifully hand crafted paper lamp that showcases a variety of organic and minimalistic designs. This striking and atheistically pleasing lamp is produced by 28 highly motivated students.

We have a very strong team that possesses a wide skill set suited for the JA Company Program. We have great production specialists in construction, website and graphic designers, photographers, videographers, and marketers with past JA experience.  It is surprising to find a team with abilities that integrate so well into the goals of a company, and only through everyone’s contributions have we been able to successfully pull off our product pivot, which was a major challenge that we faced.

Did you overcome any obstacles during the start-up of your company?

The most significant obstacle we faced was switching our company product and direction. We realized that our first product, a customizable lunch box, was not practical to manufacture for JA in the short timeline of 6 months. As a result, our company came up with Paperlight on very short notice. It had production challenges of its own, but we could now produce these in-house, which gave us much more creative freedom to come up with a variety of appealing designs.

What has been the most exciting part since starting up Glow for the team?

A very exciting part of starting up Glow was seeing the final prototype of Paperlight. Because of the intricate nature of the lamp, it went through many stages to end up as the beautiful product it is today. Seeing the final model for the first time truly solidified our company.

Have you created products already or started any sales?

Paperlight is currently in production and we are completing sales as we speak. There are several stages of production—creating the pine wood base, cutting the unique lamp shades, and assembling the product—that our VP of Production oversees very carefully to ensure the highest quality for our lamps.

How can people buy your paper lamps?

We have a beautiful new website at glowyyc.com where people interested in our product can find out more, or get in touch with the team to purchase our product. In addition, any of Glow’s sales representatives would be more than happy to help you find the perfect lamp design to add to your home.

If you could sum up your company in one word, what would it be?

A word that our company reflects is tenacity, shown by our perseverance in the face of obstacles as we steadily head towards our goal. We have endured through many surprises and challenges these past few weeks, from our company pivot to addressing the intricacies of production, and we are always able to bounce back stronger than ever.

What is your team doing right now to benefit the company?

These upcoming months are all about sales, so our entire team has been working on getting in touch with interested customers and receiving feedback for new product designs. The production team is working tirelessly to construct the lamp framework (hand-stained and lacquered pine bases) and we are creating sets of unique lamp shade designs based on geometry and nature.

At the end of Company program, do you think Glow will be successful? How will you get there?

We have an incredibly resourceful and passionate team, and with our combined abilities, interests, and vision, there is no doubt that our venture will be successful. We solve problems in innovative ways, and strive to provide the highest quality in everything that we do. We will continue to work together, and apply all of our unique potential to every challenge we come across. Of utmost importance is our team, and we aim to nurture and grow the connections between us all with every passing week.

It must be fairly stressful starting up a Company as a group of students. How does your company manage? How well do you work together?

We have a variety of Company Program veterans as well as newcomers, which helps to balance experience with a fresh outlook and ideas. Even so, it is at times difficult to find the best way of doing things, but we acknowledge that there is no “right” way to run a business, and however we run our company will nevertheless provide a valuable learning experience.

Over the past few weeks, we have become more than co-workers—we are now a tight knit group of friends.  This has helped immensely when resolving issues or collaborating together on important projects as communication can flow easily and naturally.

What do you love most about your Company?

Everyone is very welcoming and fun to work with!  Our product is a great achievement for us, but we love the people we work with to make Paperlight such a success.

Why will people be drawn to your product?

Paperlight is authentic and unique, illuminating interior spaces with a warm glow that filters through elegant paper silhouettes.  We provide a variety of designs, including minimalistic geometric patterns, lush flowers, woody pine branches, and gleaming clusters of stars.  These are all designed to help you personalize your lamp, and a customizable option is offered to create a one-of-a-kind Paperlight that only you can own!

We want more! Where can we find you? (Website, social media, etc.)

Our website is glowyyc.com, and you can get in touch with us through email: glowjasa@gmail.com, our facebook: glowjasa, or instagram @glowyyc.

Tell us something funny that has happened at one of your meetings

The District Ventures space has several walls covered ceiling to floor with whiteboards intended for brainstorming.  During one of our meetings, a member mistakenly though a wall was in fact a whiteboard and drew a giant, black ink streak on the plaster.  A flurry of excitement and shock ensued—thankfully, we were able to clean it up immediately afterwards!

Anything else you want your future customers to know?

Paperlight is a unique creation, and the design process can absolutely be a natural collaboration between our company and you, our valued customers. We are open to product suggestions at any time, and any feedback you have regarding our company will be much appreciated.

Glow will continue to do our utmost best to provide an exemplary product, and we thank you for all of your support!