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3 Reasons To Volunteer This Year


JA Southern Alberta has over 1,000 volunteers each year who give their time to make our programs a possibility. Read below for 3 reasons you should volunteer before 2018!

1)      It’s good for your career

Volunteering is always great to add to your resume, but volunteering with JA also gives you the opportunity to work on some skills that will directly translate into the workplace.


  • Public speaking – Delivering our programs is a great low-risk opportunity to hone your public speaking skills.
  • Teamwork – Whether you are working with someone from your office, or another volunteer you just met, volunteering together in a classroom is the perfect time to sharpen your teamwork skills such a compromise, communication and collaboration.
  • Thinking on your feet – If you’ve volunteered with us before you already know that each experience in unique based on the students and the school. There is always plenty of opportunity for flexibility and creativity in the way you deliver our programs.


2)      Make an impact in your community

Each year, our Elementary and Middle School programs reach over 30,000 students in Southern Alberta and that can only happen with the support of our volunteers! When you head into classroom with JA you will see first-hand the difference you are making in the lives of youth in your community.


3)      There are health-boosting benefits

Seriously! Volunteering can help boost your health in a variety of ways. First, volunteering connects you with other people in your community to give you all those happy feels, while also giving you a greater sense of purpose. Volunteering also helps to counteract the effects of stress anger and anxiety. Read here for a few other ways volunteering boosts your health.


What are you waiting for?! Check out our current volunteer opportunities.