Making a Planned Gift to JA Southern Alberta

Whether you are already a long term supporter of JA Southern Alberta or someone who cares deeply about the future success of young people and wants to make a difference, making a planned gift is a way to express what is important to you, both now, and after you are gone.  It supports your values and illustrates your integrity by creating a legacy for what you believe in:  that all youth deserve to be inspired and prepared to succeed in a global economy.

Gift planning is the donor-centered process of planning charitable gifts that meet philanthropic goals while balancing personal, family, and tax considerations. With thoughtful planning, you can support JA without outliving your income, affecting your lifestyle, or compromising the care of your loved ones.

You have the power to create your legacy by providing charitable gifts through your estate that will allow JA Southern Alberta to continue its valuable work educating young people about financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship. Your planned gift makes an impact, both now as a strong example for other donors to follow, and later when it helps fund programming and activities for youth of all abilities and socio-economic backgrounds.  These kids need your support.  Thank you for planning for their future!

We would be pleased to work with you and your professional advisors to determine which gift option below best suits your circumstances and needs.

Making a Gift
in your Will

Many people who have the vision and generosity to support young people and their future success choose to leave a charitable bequest in their Will to JA Southern Alberta. A bequest is a commitment made ...

Gift of a Life
Insurance Policy

A gift of life insurance enables you to make a significant future gift for a modest cost. This gift can be made through a policy you already own, or through a series of affordable premium payments, without impacting ....

Gifts of Residual

Gifts of residual interest allow you to irrevocably give property (real estate, art, etc.) to JA Southern Alberta now and retain for yourself and/or for family members the right to use the property for life or for a term ...

Gift of a Charitable
Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust is created when you irrevocably transfer property, such as cash, marketable securities or real estate, to a trustee. You receive income from the trust during your lifetime and the ...

Charitable Gift

A Charitable Gift Annuity enables you to give a lump sum to JA Southern Alberta and in exchange receive guaranteed fixed lifetime payments for a specified number of years, or for life. Couples often choose a “joint and last...

Gifts of RRIF or
RRSP Funds

This is a popular way to offset taxes owing on funds at the time of death. You can name JA Southern Alberta as your beneficiary and your gift will be treated as a charitable donation in the year of death and is therefore...





Thank you for remembering JA Southern Alberta in your estate plans, and allowing us to participate in the creation of your legacy.  Please let us know if you have made a planned gift to JA Southern Alberta so that we can formally thank you and include you in our Legacy Giving Donor Recognition Program.

We are also happy to keep your donation anonymous at your request.


Thank you for creating a lasting legacy by helping future generations of young people in southern Alberta

For more information and/or to get started on your legacy gift, contact us at or 403.781.2582.