Investing in Youth Creates a Sustainable Future For Us All

To measure the value of the programs delivered by JA across Canada, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG)  completed a year-long study to assess the impact of JA Canada’s mission…To inspire youth to make better financial decisions, start a company, develop a career plan and express their innovative spirit.

Results from the study prove JA programs make a substantial impact on Canada’s economy. Not only are they critical toward the development of a skilled and talented workforce, they motivate a new generation of responsible citizens as well.

plus signpiggy bank savingsbusiness and entrepreneurshipjudgement and decision makingsuccess scale
Over 80% of alumni credit JA with a positive impact on their communication skills, decision making, and interpersonal skills, as well as on their self confidence!More than 75% of Achievers credit JA with being the force behind their financial literacy skills of budgeting, long-term planning, and investingAchievers are 50% more likely to open their own business which leads to innovation, new jobs, and wealth creationOver 80% of Achievers credit having taken JA programs as having been an important part of developing their leadership and problem solving skillsOver 75% of Achievers believe that taking JA programs was a critical driver of their success in the work force
Junior achievement changes livesjunior achievement students are three times more likelyAchievers are 3x less likely to spend more than they earn
junior achievement students are fifty percent more likely to earn moreAchievers earn 50% more, on average, than those who do not benefit from our programs.
sixty five percent of junior achievement studentsof Achievers indicate that JA had a significant impact on staying in school and enrolling in post secondary education
over seventy five percent of junior achievement students Over 75% of Achievers would retake the program and recommend it to their peers
over eighty perecent of junior achievement alumni Over 80% of Achievers cite JA as important in developing their analytical capabilities and business sense
worldJA creates an annual return of $45 for every one dollar spent, in terms of societal prosperity by helping youth stay in school; encouraging new businesses; and providing today’s youth with valuable skills they will need to participate and succeed in a global economy
coinsAn annual impact on Canada’s economy – directly attributed to the work of JA – of $105 million
return on investmentThe study attributes $425 million per year in Canada to direct entrepreneurial activity by Junior Achievers