JA Events and Workshops

Company Program Tradeshow

The Tradeshow for Company Program teams is hosted at a major mall over the weekend, giving students the opportunity to put to work everything they've learned.

Company Program Celebration of Achievement

What better way to celebrate the entrepreneurial experience than by being able to hand out awards and scholarships to tomorrow's business leaders!

World of Choices - Spring Edition

During the Spring, JA Southern Alberta regions outside Calgary bring students together with mentors from the business community to help them decide their future.

Economics For Success - Post Secondary

Reaching over 4,000 students a year, schools bring their classrooms to local post secondary institutes to learn the Economics for Success while getting to know a university or college.

Alberta Business Hall of Fame

Business leaders who are committed to giving back to the community are the perfect role models for tomorrow's work force and the generation who will take the reins of our economy.

Economics Futures Council Luncheon

A great opportunity for the Economic Futures Council members to reach out and impart their knowledge about business and ethics to the next generation of business leaders.

World of Choices - Calgary

Young women in Calgary come together with inspiring mentors and guest speakers from the the business community who help inspire students to follow their passions and explore new paths.

Business Development Workshop

One of several opportunities Company Program students have to enhance the vital education they are receiving through this entrepreneurial program that helps them learn the ins and outs of business.

Executive Training

Being a leader can be a challenging and rewarding experience. CP students learn from people knowledgeable in Human Resources, Information Technologies, Production, Finance, Marketing, and President positions.