Economics For Success – Post Secondary

Economics For Success is JASA’s most popular offering, being delivered to nearly 8,000 students last year across southern Alberta. It resonates so well with teachers and their students that we have several deliveries that are done at colleges and universities throughout our regions. We could not do this without the support of companies and individuals who really care about setting up the next generation for success. They provide the volunteers needed for each of the classrooms.

Thank you to these post secondary institutes for hosting

Lethbridge College Red Deer College - Economics For Success Post Secondary

What Is Everyone Saying?

What sort of impact can we have in half a day? Far more than you might think. This is what some of the students have been saying after they’ve finished the program:

It helped me to understand more of what I wanted to do in my future.
This program encouraged me to shoot for my goals and achieve them.

It has made me realize the importance and benefits of choosing responsible financial decisions and aiming toward a successful career. 

The EFS program will help me set a smart path an make sure I am able to manage my career and budget efficiently and happily.

 This program is invaluable. The kids loved it and it gave them some real life perspective. It definitely helps them prepare for next steps in education.

young students in grade 9 taking economics for success at mount royal university