Stronger Together: Diversity In Action

Helping Students Understand the Value of Diversity

A group of diverse junior high school students learn about the value of diversity in the workplace during this Junior Achievement program - Diversity in Action 

During this interactive classroom program students will:

  • Experience the strength of teamwork
  • Participate in exercises that explore a diversity of physical movements
  • Discover the importance of fairness and how to resolve conflict
  • See the benefits of volunteerism first-hand
  • Share their perspectives on the cultural and social challenges they face each day
  • Uncover the important role diversity plays in Canada and in the workplace


1 – 4 hour class
(1st period to lunch bell)

student reading book

Calgary & Airdrie Only
Grade 8

By the end of Stronger Together, students will understand the role diversity plays in enriching their personal and professional lives. This prepares them to work with diverse teams at school and in the workplace to achieve common goals.

 what your commitment to volunteering for junior achievement programs entail


  • We request at least 3 hours of time in class
  • Registration is required at least 6 weeks before your preferred program date (some exceptions may apply)
  • JA volunteers are guest speakers; classroom supervision is required
 Classroom lessons for Junior Achievement programs


  • The World of Work
  • Fairness at Work
  • Support at Work
  • Diversity at Work


  • Health and Life Skills
  • CTF
  • Social Studies
  • English Language Arts


  • Opportunity for students to learn from human resource and diversity leaders in their community
  • Students learn about the world of work and how inclusivity solves real-world challenges
  • Volunteers share real-life stories and experiences, making learning engaging and memorable
  • Additional teacher resources and follow up activities are available
 what your commitment to volunteering for junior achievement programs entail


  • One-time volunteer commitment, or volunteer on as many occasions as you like
  • Program training (90 minutes)


  • A teacher will be present to help with classroom management
  • Volunteer solo, with a friend, or with another JA volunteer


  • New volunteers participate in a 90 minute training session at the JA office
  • For corporate volunteer days, we’ll bring program training to you!


  • Volunteer hours can often be applied toward designations and professional development
  • Work on your leadership, instructional, and public speaking skills
  • Unique team building activity

Registration and Volunteer Opportunities: Calgary and Airdrie