Tools and Games

Bizcraft (Grades 4-6)

50% of businesses fail within the first year. Do you have the skills to craft a successful business? Test your passion, perseverance and preparedness in Bizcraft.

Curriculum Links: Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Health, Art

(All Grades)

Junior Achievement’s new RoboGarden program provides educators with a fun and easy way for students to learn to code. RoboGarden is an easy to understand, hands-on educational app where studentstake part in active learning. Fully equipped to teach coding literacy from scratch, RoboGarden reduces the need for a tech-savvy teacher.

Through JA Southern Alberta’s pilot program: Learn to Code with RoboGarden, students in grades 1-8 will get the tools they need to develop computational, critical and problem-solving skills. Students will learn different coding concepts, STEAM subjects and good morals through a game based environment that will help the students enjoy their education while learning to become the next coding genius.

RoboGarden’s game based environment, takes students through a series of Missions, Adventures and Journeys as they start with block programming, and continue to professional Python and JavaScript programming.

USE CODE: rg_alberta_covid19

Curriculum Links: Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Health, Art