Tools and Games

Bizcraft (Grades 4-6)

50% of businesses fail within the first year. Do you have the skills to craft a successful business? Test your passion, perseverance and preparedness in Bizcraft.

Curriculum Links: Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Health, Art

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RoboGarden (All Grades)

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Junior Achievement’s new RoboGarden program provides educators with a fun and easy way for students to learn to code. RoboGarden is an easy to understand, hands-on educational app where studentstake part in active learning. Fully equipped to teach coding literacy from scratch, RoboGarden reduces the need for a tech-savvy teacher.

Through JA Southern Alberta’s pilot program: Learn to Code with RoboGarden, students in grades 1-8 will get the tools they need to develop computational, critical and problem-solving skills. Students will learn different coding concepts, STEAM subjects and good morals through a game based environment that will help the students enjoy their education while learning to become the next coding genius.

RoboGarden’s game based environment, takes students through a series of Missions, Adventures and Journeys as they start with block programming, and continue to professional Python and JavaScript programming.

Curriculum Links: Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Health, Art

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Economics for Success (Grades 8-10)

The transition from high school to post-secondary education or employment can be overwhelming. You may even feel that your high-school experiences haven’t adequately prepared you to meet the demands of university, a career, or living on your own.

In Economics for Success, you can take a closer look at the advantages of staying in school, as well as learn what’s needed to succeed in today’s workforce. Sign up today to explore the link between education and achieving your goals.

Curriculum Links: CALM, CTS, CTF, Math, English Language Arts

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Entrepreneurial Trades (Grades 9-12)

In JA’s Entrepreneurial Trades online program, students will encounter multiple learning mediums that will assist them in understanding, analyzing, evaluation and applying financial and business skills essential for a successful trades career.

Students will learn the business side of the skilled trades to complement the technical training they receive in school. Combined, these skills help students successfully transition to further education or employment opportunities.

Curriculum Links: CTS

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