Volunteer Opportunities in Calgary and Southern Alberta

Finally getting into the classroom is an exciting time. Now you can sign up online to volunteer in classrooms in Calgary and across Southern Alberta. We have both public opportunities and links for our corporate volunteers to register for the program their company is supporting.

Independent Volunteers

We need over 1,800 volunteers a year to deliver our programs and couldn't do it without the numerous independent volunteers who offer their time and expertise. Start by selecting the region you want to volunteer in.

You are welcome to volunteer in as many regions as you like, so don't be afraid to see what's available elsewhere.

Corporate Volunteers

Need to register for a Corporate JA day? This is where you want to go.

Many volunteer opportunities are taken on by companies dedicated to the community. These deliveries are a great way to engage your staff in team building fun and give them an experience they'll talk about for years.


Whether you’re new to JA programs and the volunteer experience, or just want to learn more about JA in general, we have the training session you’re looking for. Volunteers, teachers and donors are all welcome to attend.