About JA Southern Alberta

A vision to help teach young people

Junior Achievement (JA) started with a vision to help teach young people about business and free enterprise. That was back in 1919, before JA became a global leader in educating youth about financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship.

Now in over 121 countries, JA brings volunteers together with over 10.2 million of our future leaders.

We believe in the boundless potential of young people and share their passion for excellence,respect their talents and creativity, celebrate their honesty and integrity, and create opportunities for hands-on learning.

Established in 1960

The JA Southern Alberta charter was launched in 1960 as Junior Achievement, and is a member of JA Canada. It has grown into an organization that educates tens of thousands of students in grades K-12 every year. With the help of local school boards, companies dedicated to youth success, multiple Rural Leadership Councils, and a committed board, we are positioned to grow even further.

Imagine what we'll be able to accomplish with your experience and support.

Junior Achievement is the link between education and the business world, giving youth the confidence and knowledge they need to define personal success, enhance their workforce readiness and pursue their dreams and aspirations.

How We Do It

JA programs are delivered by dedicated volunteers.

They bring their professional experiences into the classroom to help students connect program concepts with real-life situations. Volunteers use a mix of hands-on activities, discussions and digital learning to engage students and ensure they retain and use what they learn. With their help, students gain the knowledge and confidence they need to define their personal success and go after their dreams.

Everything we do is funded by our generous donors, who provide us with the critical funding needed to develop and deliver our programs, train volunteers and offer scholarships to Canada’s future leaders. JA's impact happens in three stages: transforming, delivering, and achieving.

First, JA provides a transformational event that alters students' ambitions and encourages them to do more with their lives. Then, JA gives students the skills and confidence they need to achieve great things. Finally, students use those skills to reach their highest potential.

JA History in Pictures

Having been around since 1960, JA Southern Alberta has a lot of history and boxes of photos and news articles showing our impact through the ages. From the time where Company Program was our only offering to pictures of sponsors that have been with us since the beginning, there is a treasure trove of stories we’re looking forward to sharing with you. Keep an eye out here for new pictures and stories as we work our way through our archives.

If you have pictures of your JA experience, we’d love you to share them with us by email or if you’d share them with us on Facebook or Twitter!

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